herbs and spice on wooden table
Photo: Urbol

Have you’ve ever gotten tired of going to a bunch of doctors or taking so many pills? I have. From a young age, I have been diagnosed with two breathing problems and a low constitution, which means I can get sick rather easily.

By the age of fourteen, I had gone through many doctors and pills that have promised to make me feel better but only left me with a very congested nose, shaky hands, and frustration.

Then I went to a New Age store and my life changed altogether. The sweet scent of incense filled the room and I felt like I could finally breathe again, the owner kindly explained what crystal therapy was and I bought my first crystals: an amethyst and rose quartz bracelets.

As the months past, I didn’t feel the need to use my asthma inhaler and have not had any attacks since then. From then on, I have dedicated these last couple of years studying crystal therapy and have been expanding my horizon in what is known as “Holistic” or “Alternative” Medicine.

Holistic or Alternative Medicine is a non-evasive or pharmaceutical techniques that considers the whole person’s mind, body, and spirit, instead of where it just hurts. Such techniques include Medical Herbalism, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Reiki, among others.

This  type of medicine is filled with different methods, which is great because not everyone is into, say, aromatherapy, or doesn’t feel any change after a Reiki session, but they have the option of using other treatments to promote optimal health or to prevent and treat a disease.

In Puerto Rico, there are very few holistic practitioners and only few naturopathic centers in the Island.  The shortage of holistic physicians and training programs is very common among the world because it is time consuming and requires a commitment to the healing process, most patients prefer the quick fix of pills or surgeries without studying its secondary effects.

What I love about this alternative medicine is that we have to take the responsibility of our own health and is also very fun to work with. I love concocting an essential oil mix to relieve a sinus attack or drink herbal tea to soothe an aching throat.

Holistic Medicine empowers patients to heal themselves by addressing the causes of their sickness and changing their lifestyle altogether. Unlike conventional medicine, this alternative treats its patients with love, focusing on their diet, exercise, environment, behavior, relationship and spiritual counseling, etc.

I hope that you’ll join me in this holistic journey and maybe adapt some of these techniques on your everyday life. This site is a bully-free zone who is open to trying new techniques to living a happier and healthier life.