Green Aventurine or “The Stone of Opportunity” is considered as one of the luckiest of crystals. Often used on first dates, tax audits or landing a promotion, this gorgeous crystal helps to release old patterns, habits, and disappointment so we can start a new chapter of our lives with optimism and positive vibes.

Cool huh? It’s also a great crystal for artists and writers, because it stimulates creativity, motivation, and it also amplifies leader qualities and perseverance. It’s also good for klutzy people (myself included) and good for fighting skin problems like eczema, rosacea, juvenile acne, etc.

This Stone of Opportunity is great for children because it stimulates physical growth and is great for students who struggle with homework and have hyperactivity. It’s also great for people who have problems with their eyesight, dyslexia, lungs, nervous system, thymus and it’s also a great anti inflammatory.

The color of this crystal is obviously green, which focuses on the heart chakra, so whether it you have cardiac conditions or circulatory problems, this crystal is just for you. It also helps to lower cholesterol, prevents arteriosclerosis and heart attacks as well as soothes allergies and migraines.

Of course, I’m not writing about this because I found it interesting, I actually spent an entire week using this crystal and, let me tell you, it’s great. Throughout the week I wrote more than usual and felt very energetic, I also felt very calm even though I was loaded with assignments and tasks.

I suffer from really sensitive skin and it gets red for the silliest of reasons (like washing my face even though I use natural products that doesn’t give me an allergic reaction), but I did notice a subtle change when I used this crystal, the redness in my face controlled itself.

I also didn’t have any sinus or migraine throughout the week, which is one of the main reasons as to why I’m glad I used this crystal because I tend to have a migraine or a sinus at least once a week. So I think this Stone of Opportunity is a must have for students, heart patients, and anyone who has sensitive skin.



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