From book recommendations to crystals and products, here are five things you can get to make your everyday life holistic.

fuck-that-a-guided-meditation1.  F*ck That: A guided Meditation: Okay, so this one is just for the kicks, but when you’re tired of so much drama and you’re stressed out, laughter is the best medicine. There are amazing guided meditations all over YouTube (from Guardian Angels to Chakra cleansing), but there are some that are meant to make us laugh like this one and this one by Leonie Dawson.

Note: F* That meditation and the one created by Leonie Dawson have curse words so if you are not into that, please don’t click those links.


Found on: Pinterest

2. Coloring Books: For those who are not into guided meditations or staring into nothingness for a couple of minutes, scientists have proved that coloring is a great alternative to meditation. I’ve only done a couple of pages but after coloring for a couple of minutes I feel calmer and connected to my Inner Child. At the moment, I have the Colorama Coloring Book which includes a set of coloring pencils.



3. Strawberries: This delicious fruit helps burn stored fat, boosts short term memory, eases inflammation, lowers the chances of having cardiovascular disease, promotes bone health and eye health and also has anti-aging properties.



moonstone4. Moonstone: Also known as the Traveler’s Stone, this crystal opens the heart to nurturing qualities and it’s great for aiding artists and dancers with self-expression and enhances self-expression, helps educators share activities, and promotes sensitivity in psychologists and secretaries. On a physical level, this crystal affects the female reproductive system and alleviates menstrual problems.



5. Foam Roller: With its studded foam, this roller applies pressure to specific points on your body and can aid in the recovery of muscles and help them return to their normal function. I have been using it for back pains and it feels like a deep tissue massage.