I love makeup. It’s not because it can cover acne scars or blemishes, but because it can highlight my favorite features of my face. Let’s be real, there is something about red lipstick and a winged eyeliner that makes us feel empowered, but do we really know the process of creating makeup?

After doing a long research of the brands that I usually bought were testing on animals and not vegan. And when I say tested on animals, it’s not only bunnies, they also use cats and dogs for this.

Let’s just say that after that research I ended up cuddling up with my dog and throwing away half of the makeup I owned.

What shocked me the most is that some of the vegan products that are in drugstores and high end stores belong to companies that do test on animals, which can obviously create an internal conflict. Will buying these products be okay even though their parent company accept animal cruelty or have done it at some point? Should I simply forget about makeup altogether and throw everything away? Should I keep researching and finding out that the products that I’ve been using for years are tested on animals?

I wasn’t giving up on makeup, so I gave it my all and decided to keep researching brands that are accessible to a lot of people. During the process of the research, I found that there are a lot of companies that are stopping the animal testing which I was ecstatic about, but there were some that were vague when they described the ingredients or if they were animal cruelty free or not. There was a video by Boxes of Foxes I found that mentioned that if the products were being sold in China, they had to go through the process of animal testing because it is part of their protocol.

I would like to mention that even though the parent brand might have or is testing on animals, it doesn’t mean that the specific brand your buying isn’t cruelty free. Consider that product your buying as a vote, and the more people buy cruelty free brands, their parent brand will notice and will stop using animals for testing.

There are some brands, like Wet N Wild, that do have vegan friendly products and they’re against animal cruelty. They even have a list of vegan products, which makes things ten times easier!

On the other hand, Eyes Lips Face (e.l.f.) and Pacifica are vegan and against animal cruelty, but these brand aren’t that accessible in the UK, or so I’ve heard. Too Faced and The Balm also have vegan products, which hopefully I will try later on in the future.

I will admit that the thought of throwing a lot of makeup products that I had grown to like might have sound hard to do, but knowing that I was making a difference and only using cruelty free + vegan products made things easier. Of course, it was a bit expensive to start again, but I am more conscious of the things I’ve been using nowadays because of this site.

Would you be willing to go through a makeup detox? I’d love to see your opinion on the matter and if you know any vegan/animal cruelty free brand that’s accessible comment down below so we can chat!