With its gorgeousย hues,ย this “Genious Stone” represents the highest state of mental achievement, helping you to absorb new information easily and work through complex issues. It also expands the consciousness and advances the mind and stirs creativity.

On the other hand, this crystal cleanses and stabilizes the aura and absorbs the negative energy and stress. It also stimulates self confidence and aids us in decision-making.

Fluorite also boosts the immune system and stimulates the regeneration of cells and DNA, particularly in the skin and respiratory track and promotes the healing of ulcers and wounds. This crystal strengthens the bone tissue, alleviates rheumatism, arthritis, and spinal injuries.

When it comes to fluoride, there are so many properties that are associated with the different colors of this crystals:

  • Blue- brings spiritual awakening and clear communications between the physical and spiritual planes and focuses on the throat chakra as well as the third eye, so it promotes orderly communication of intuitive insights.
  • Yellow- stimulates understanding and manifestations. It harmonizes group energy and stimulates creativity, Yellow Fluorite also works as a detox stone.
  • Green- it aids access to intuition and absorb excess energy. Great for cleansing and renewing the chakras and a wonderful healing crystal.
  • Clear- merges personal and spiritual energy, it aligns all of the chakras and helps you see what is holding you back in your spiritual journey.
  • Purple- brings some common sense to psychic intuition. Mostly used when one wants to focus on the expression of Spirit and communicate its messages precisely.

What happened when I wore Fluorite for a week:

I have to mention that I only felt attracted to a rainbow fluorite at a local store, although they sold both green and purple fluorites also. Throughout the week I felt more active and creative, I was bursting with ideas and I did not get sick. When it came to my classes, I did feel more focused and didn’t stress out at all even though I have a bunch of things to do during my Spring Break.

The verdict? I recommend this to everyone who is studying and is going through a creative block.



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