First of all, let’s define what is organic and vegan food so we can understand the difference between the two. Organic foods means that the animal or plant was raised/grown without the use of chemicals, hormones or antibiotics. Vegan products, on the other hand, abstain from anything that contains animals or animal by-products, and usually buy organically produced products that its ingredients have nothing to do with animals.

At first, finding the difference between the two can be extremely tricky, especially when one doesn’t know what products are not “vegan friendly” like beeswax, honey, and talc, which can be considered common household items and typical ingredients in our makeup.

Finding vegan products in drugstores and in makeup stores can be a bit tricky, but it is not impossible. Here are the tricks and tips that I’ve learned as I am slowly changing my organic products to vegan:

(1) Just because it’s organic, doesn’t mean it’s vegan: Accept it, embrace it, and work with it. Turn it into a mantra when you shop for vegan products. I’ll put a photo with the mantra so you can use it for your lockscreen when you’re shopping down below.

(2) Love Lush? Look for the V sticker in their products: I am obsessed with Lush products and what they stand for, but not all of their products are vegan so look for the V in their products to know it’s vegan friendly. Bath Bombs, Bath Melts, Fun products, and Bubble Bars (except Milky Bath) are all Vegan, so grab one without worrying about it.

(3) Research, Research, Research: Albumen, Carmine, Lanolin, Ambergris, Caprylic Acid, Collagen, Casein, and Oleic Acid are few examples of the many non-vegan products that are found in our makeup. PETA has a wonderful Animal Ingredients List with its alternatives so we can know the difference between vegan and organic products.

(4) Before you shop, write a list or bring a friend: I’m one of those girls that love a pretty package and sometimes forgets to look at the ingredients because it “looks” vegan. Before you shop, research on the products you want to buy and make sure that they’re vegan, or always bring a friend/partner to get your hands off of the sparkly packaging.

(5) Don’t be afraid to ask questions: It might be kind of awkward at first, but don’t be afraid to ask employees or others about vegan products. This website was created to make your holistic life accessible, so don’t be afraid to comment down below or send me an email.

Just because it's organic,