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There are so many names that can describe our monthly flow and most of them have negative connotations. From lower back pains and bloating to nausea and crippling cramps, my montly flow is not a walk in the park and I totally get why our period has so many terrible names.

But the SASSY Lisa Lister, author of Code Red and creator of The Sassy She has warmed me up to having a relationship with my lady bits and using holistic alternatives for my yoni or sacred womb.

My experience with my menstruation: 

I got my first bleed when I was eleven years old. My mother and grandmother had already prepared me for this although I felt really weird over the fact that I was going to bleed every month.

At first I only got a bit of cramps and lasted three days, but as the years passed, my menstruation could last up to a week and the cramps got so bad that I had to go to the hospital a couple of times. I was rather relieved when I found out that I wasn’t the only one who had to go through this, but since I was young, I had to go to the pediatric section and most nurses just kept saying that it would pass and that I could keep on waiting even though I was in crippling pain.

So I stopped going to the hospital and just curled up with a heating pad every month, praying that my cramps would ease and hoping that the next month wouldn’t be as painful as the one I was going through.

As an act of desperation, I went to a gynecologist who recommended that I took the Pill to “fix my face” and ease my cramps. I only lasted two month with it because the secondary effects were terrible and it didn’t help my cramps at all (or my acne). Then I lost faith again, until I was gifted this book.

About Code Red

Code Red teaches women to be in sync with our cycles and how to have a relationship with it in order to find a place of deep connection and creativity and also focuses on self-care.

As Lister mentioned in her book, our cycle can give us superpowers that can help us have an amazing life. She divides our cycle into four parts or seasons: Pre Ovulation (Spring), Ovulation (Summer), Pre Menstruation (Autumn) and our Menstruation (Winter). In her book, each phase has a crystal, scent, mantra, and yoga pose that will help us understand our cycle and on the online goodies there is a period chart were each day is divided by the phases of the moon.

What I learned after I read the book

After I read Code Red, I put the cycle charting to practice and I noticed the difference between each phase. Even though I didn’t do it this month (oops) I already have an idea of what phase I am by the phases of the moon and if I forget, then I always have my period tracker apps like Pink Pad and My Moontime to help me out.

I also learned that there are two phases of our cycle that are very active to the point where I can’t stop writing and creating, but as soon as the Pre-Menstruation kicks in I tend to be more passive and curl up to a book or journal what happens to my body during these days and focus on what can I do to ease the pain (I highly recommend Healthy Cycle by Traditional Medicinals).

Do I recommend this book? Definitely. Every teenage girl should read this and lend it to a guy since it has a special chapter for men who want to understand our cycle. If I would have read this sooner, I don’t think I would’ve gone through so much pain. So my answer is yes, everyone should buy this book and give Lisa Lister some love for having the guts to write about our monthly bleed and for teaching us how to be more receptive with the messages our bodies are giving us.