This crystal is highly valued by healers and spiritual leaders as well as scientists because Quartz has played a key role in mankind’s evolutionary development.

Metaphysically speaking, Quartz are the supreme gift of Mother Earth because it has the properties of a master healer teacher. People used to believe this crystal was alive, taking a breath once every hundred years and many thought of it as the incarnations of the Divine.

Clear Quartz is a great amplifier, which is why it is commonly used when creating crystal grids so that it amplifies whatever energy or intent we program into it and broadcasts this energy throughout the world. It is sometimes used to accelerate the fulfillment of prayers , intensifying healing or spiritual growth.

On the other hand, Quartz is a master healing crystal and can be used for any condition. Some people believe that it stimulates the immune and circulatory system, and helps bring the body into balance.

I’ve used it to treat migraines and headaches, but it can also be used if you’re suffering from vertigo, motion sickness, dizziness, and it also assists in metabolism, exhaustion, and weight loss.

Ever since I incorporated crystal therapy in my life, clear quartz has always been around to amplify the energy of other crystals. Time and time again, I recommend every beginner in crystal therapy to purchase this stone because it is also a deep soul cleanser and purifies the body’s internal structure and stimulates positive thoughts and feelings when you’re having negative thoughts.

Also, Quartz stimulates all of the color frequencies and harmonizes all chakras and is really useful for stimulating the Crown Chakra. There have been some cases were I’ve put a clear quartz close to a plant and it has bloomed beautifully after a couple of days.

So do I recommend this crystal? Definitely. I think this is essential for crystal collections and for healers.