Over eight years ago, I went to a store and bought my first set of crystals, but not everyone is as lucky and do not have a wonderful lady/sir who can be your guide and explain the basics of crystal therapy. These ten crystals are what I consider staples that every beginner and healer should have in their kit/collection.


Amethyst : This is actually the first crystal I ever owned (along with Rose and Clear Quartz) and it’s one of my favorite crystals. I’ve been using this crystal for eight years and it helps protect against psychic attacks and turns negative thoughts into positive, loving energy. It’s also called “nature’s tranquilizer” because it calms and soothes and it is considered an all-healer.




Clear Quartz: This crystal is a master healing crystal that can be used for any condition. It’s also a great amplifier and can be used when you’re creating crystal grids. I usually put Clear Quartz close to my work area to bring positive thoughts and feelings.






Rose Quartz: I don’t think it’s a surprise that I L-O-V-E Rose Quartz, especially after using it to heal my asthma and anxiety. I have a pound of raw rose quartz next to my bed to promote a restful sleep and I sometimes move it to my work area to promote creativity.






Citrine: This is a wonderful stone for manifestation and imagination. It enhances the stamina and encourages proper metabolism so it is a total must if you’re starting to work out.







Jade: This crystal is great for healing feelings of guilt and it is said to prevent illness while traveling. Jade is a wonderful crystal for all healers because it helps in the process of making a diagnosis and their method of healing.







Tiger Eye: This crystal is considered to be a stone of luck and is said to attract a steady flow of money to the home. It’s great for entrepreneurs, anyone who is working in marketing, and also students because it helps overcome nervousness. I have a Tiger Eye with the word Success etched on it and I have it with me when I have to take an exam or do a presentation.







Obsidian: This crystal is a power cleanser of psychic smog and can shield against negativity. The vibration can resonate with the third eye chakra and aids to receive the answers to any question.





Smoky Quartz: Also known as the Stone of Power, it helps relieve stress, anxiety, panic attacks and wards off negative thinking and worries. Healers can use it for anyone who has sunburn, exposure to radioactive materials or radiation, and chemotherapy. It’s also used to relieve chronic pain, cramps, headaches, and back and shoulder pains.





Labradorite: This crystal is honestly eye catching because it changes colors and helps bring out the best in people. It encourages courtesy and helps a staff become involved in a company. It is also great for people who have breathing problems, bronchitis, and colds and helps to have a good digestion. Labradorite is also great for reducing stress and anxiety and depending on the woman it can soothe cramps and PMS symptoms.