From apps to beauty products, here are five things that can make your life holistic.


1. Meditation: I’ve heard that meditation is a wonderful thing for many years, but lately there have been alternatives to meditation like coloring, movement meditation, and listening to guided meditations that are great for people who are always on the go like myself. I like to listen to a guided meditation when I take the train or in between classes.



2. Down Dog App: I recommend this app for anyone who wants to do yoga every single day. Even if it’s 12 minutes every single day, yoga can help you physically and emotionally because it is a great stress reliever.



3. Agathe: This crystal can help anyone to improve their concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. It’s also great for people who suffer gastritis as well as people who have skin disorders. It is said to reduce the symptoms of epilepsy and for some people it reduces sleepwalking.


4. Vegan “Nice Cream”: Freeze two bananas for a couple of hours and pop it in a blender with a dash of vanilla extract. This is a super easy “ice cream” is super healthy and easy to make, plus it tastes like banana bread. You can put it back in the freezer so it can get that ice cream consistency and also add other fruits or cacao nibs to change the flavor of the ice cream.


5.  Girl Rising: This documentary is amazing, it shows the stories of nine girls from developing countries and all of the obstacles they have to go through in order to get a proper education and change their lives. Some might not even believe that this has nothing to do with a holistic lifestyle, but it is essential to be informed of these things and find a way to help girls that do not have the funds or the chance to have a proper education.