From beauty products to household items, here are five things that can make your life more holistic.



1. Cantaloupes: This fruit is rich in vitamin A and C and is a natural antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory. It is also great for improving our insulin and blood sugar metabolism and delicious in a hot summer’s day.




2. Grapeseed oil: I’ve been using this as a base oil for the past couple of weeks and I’m loving it! It’s great for people who have sensitive skin, and if you mix it with a little bit of tea tree oil, it can help people who have oily skin.




3. No Drought Dry Shampoo: This talc-free vegan dry shampoo has been one of my to-go items ever since I cut my hair. Living in a tropical island where one second it could be extremely hot and the other is pouring is not good for people who have oily hair. This dry shampoo smells a lot like grapefruit and lime and it has cornflour which is super absorbent.


Salt lamp



4. Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp: These lamps are super accessible online as well as places like Marshals and Burlington if you’re in the US. Pink Himalayan reduces allergies and asthma symptoms, eases coughing, cleanses and deodorizes the air, and neutralizes electromagnetic radiation.



5. Amethyst Keychain: My friend brought me an amethyst keychain from her latest trip and I couldn’t be happier! Having this amazing crystal with its amazing healing properties in my bag is great for anyone who is on the go. For more information about Amethysts, click here!