1. Green Tourmaline: this crystal helps in overcoming emotional problems and also attracts luck, success, abundance, and prosperity. It also inspires creativity and helps manifest our goals. It can also increase the opportunity to earn a second income by turning a hobby into a business.


2. Lepidolite: a calming stone that is excellent for stress relief and has a positive vibration that stimulates positive synchronicity. It’s also great for getting a deeper meditation as well as emotional healing.


3. Amethyst: Everyone needs to have this crystal because it’s amazing. To find out more about this crystal, click here.


4. Blue Calcite: this crystal can soothe frayed nerves and  anxieties and for clearing negative emotions and energy from a house. It’s also great for people who have problems memorizing things and can help you absorb information.


5. Lapis Lazuli: With its deep blue hues and its gold specks, lapis lazuli is the stone of friendship and truth and can encourage harmony in relationships. Also known as the stone of communicators, it helps its wearer to be authentic and give their opinions openly.


6. Black Tourmaline: Often used to soothe panic attacks and in places where the atmosphere is frightening. It can be used when you need full concentration and can provide a shield against environmental pollution.


7. Blue Lace Agate: This crystal inspires loyalty and trustworthiness, calms stress-related situations, and overcomes communication difficultures. It’s often use to express your emotions without getting upset.


8. Labradorite: This crystal is used to bring out the best in peole and make work life more enjoyable. It controls the negative side of our personality and our actions that may lead to depression or shame. This is great for people who suffer depression as well as social anxiety and to control impulsive behaviors.


9. Milky Quartz: Also known as Snow Quartz, it helps with mental stress and improves mental concentration. It has a very feminine energy, which is great for when you’re anxious.


10. Rose Quartz: Of course I wasn’t going to end this list without mentioning one of my favorite crystals that can basically help you with everything. To find out more about rose quartz, click here.