1. Mother of Pearl: This is helpful for high blood pressure, dizziness, improving vision, cataracts, and wound healing. It is often used to attract prosperity and also given to young children.




2. Eau Roma Water: This is definitely my favorite toner water from Lush, it not only has roses, but also lavender water which calms the skin and clears any pimple. I like to add 10 extra drops of lavender essential oil in the toner to make it smell more like lavender.  If you suffer from mild or cystic acne, I suggest the toner that has tea tree but be warned that this ingredient can dry the skin.




3. Theo’s 85% Chocolate: I’m going through a transitioning phase in my diet and slowly cutting dairy and other products so for my chocolate cravings I started buying dark chocolate. I’d like to point out that it has a strong taste and if you’re beginning to eat dark chocolate, this might not be the best choice for you.






4. Oil Diffuser: I recently purchased this cute panda oil diffuser that is not only portable, but also easy to use! Just add 80 milliliters of water, a couple of drops of essential oil, and plug it into any USB port in order to have a cool mist.






5. Choice’s Chai Tea: It’s UDSA Organic, No GMO’s, Vegan, Kosher, and Certified Glutten Free plus it has black tea which is a great caffeine kick early in the morning, who wouldn’t like to drink this spicy tea?