With its soothing vibes, Angelite can help relieve tension, anger, and even stress. It’s often helpful when it’s emotionally difficult to cope with a situation and is excellent for people who have issues with their Throat Chakra, which means it’s great for people who cannot express themselves coherently.

Often used to intensify the connections with the angelic realms, this crystal can kindle the birth of mediumship/channeling and bring aid to people who are stricken with grief from the loss of a loved one.

Angelite is a strong communication stone, but instead of having a stimulating effect, its energy is very soothing and calming at the throat chakra. The vibration of this stone can assist to make you feel more compassionate towards others, especially difficult people.

It helps if you’re suffering from any throat inflammation and balances the thyroid and the parathyroids. It’s also great for repairing tissue and correcting any blood deficiency and can renew blood vessels. Angelite can balance fluids within the body and can act as a diuretic and is great for weight control. It can be used for headaches, heart function, circulatory system and any infectious disease.

Throughout the week I felt very calm and I did feel like I could express my emotions better. I definitely felt more compassionate towards others, but I also focused on self-compassion and made the time to nurture myself, whether it was just going to bed earlier or playing my favorite songs while I studied.

Have you’ve ever used Angelite? If so, tell me all about your experience!



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