Bath salt

1. Detox Baths: I have been doing this for months, but my detox bath consists of Epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, baking soda, and 10 drops of lavender oil. This bath can replenish magnesium, reduce inflammation, alkalize the body, relieves muscle cramps, and can relieve migraine.



2. Rose Quartz: As I mentioned in one of the posts, Rose Quartz is a wonderful healer and it’s great for easing anxiety or agitation and help overcome trauma, and grief.



3. Down Dog Yoga App: I have probably talked about this app a while back, but it’s so good it deserves another mention. For someone who is on the go, this app gives you the opportunity to do 10 minutes of yoga daily.



4. So Delicious Ice Cream: I love strawberry ice cream and this is a delicious vegan alternative that has a delicious hint of coconut. It’s soy and dairy free and the consistency of normal ice cream.



5. Vegan Muffins: I went to one of my favorite local shops and got a delicious banana and dark chocolate muffin that was absolutely divine! Of course, I don’t know their recipe, but you can always find delicious alternatives online like this recipe.