1. Mambo’s Tostones: I’m Puerto Rican so it’s not a shocker to say that I love eating green plantains. This is great for people who don’t have a lot of time to cook and it only has three ingredients which are green plantain, palm oil, and salt.



2. Lush’s 93,000 Miles: This eucalyptus and mint jelly is great for soothing aches and pains and also cramps. This shower jelly can be used after a workout or a long day at work and it is 100% vegan.



3. NYX’s High Definition Blush: I love a high pigmented blush, it gives my makeup a sort of fresh and summery feel to it and this blush is against animal cruelty and vegan. I will mention that the parent brand is L’oreal.


4. Peppermint Oil: This oil is great for people who suffer constant headaches as well as sinus and congestion. It can replace medicines such as Pepto-Bismol, Immodium, Tums, Zantac, Tylenol, Mydol, Motrin, and can also be used as an insect repellent.



5. Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner in Trooper: This eyeliner is great for anyone who is trying to perfect their cat eye and it has one of the best brushes I’ve ever used. It might be a little expensive for an eyeliner, but it’s long lasting and definitely worth the splurge. Most of Kat Von D’s products are vegan-friendly, highly pigmented, and do not test on animals.