Often found in nature mixed with Malachite, Azurite has wonderful healing properties and can assist Light Workers so that they can improve their accuracy of interpretation and help maintain objectivity. It is also used for exams, interviews, presentations or negotiations and beneficial for those who work in governmental departments, museums, libraries, and universities.

This stone is also used for relieving stress and can inspire and motive whoever is wearing it. It focuses on the third eye, crown chakra, and of course the throat chakra, promoting not only a clear communication but also a connection with higher spirits.

Azurite builds confidence that is needed for new beginnings and since it helps the throat chakra it can help you find your voice. It can also keep your eyes and ears open to any message or to trust your instinct and clear any confusing thoughts.

Although it is mostly used for psychic connection, Azurite can improve energy, detox the liver, and can help with any throat issue, skin disorder, migraines, tinnitus, vertigo, and central nervous system as well as support the autoimmune system .

During the week I wore this crystal I felt more energetic and had a lot of ideas that I had to write down immediately or else I would forget. It seems like this crystal is more of a rubbing stone which means that whenever you touch it, it releases its energy so you have to rub it every couple of hours. It can work as a stress reliever and can build up confidence so I definitely recommend it.

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