Moldavite, also known as “The Holy Grail Stone”, is a translucent green meteoric gem that’s only found in what is now Czech Republic and can supercharge and spiritualize the energies of any stone you use it with.

On a metaphysical level, Moldavite begins a process of energetic resonance that increases the vibratory rate of our bodies and is often used for psychic protection. It is also makes it difficult for negative entities to connect with the aura and enhances psychic gifts.

It can be used as a tool for diagnosis, since it illuminates the cause and source of an imbalance of the body or a disease and can support releasing it and heal the body.

On a physical level, Moldavite heals re-establish any blocked area and encourages cells to return to their original state. It can stimulate personal fulfillment and slow down the aging process, it aids in memory retention and balance the electrical impulses of the brain.

Like most green stones, Moldavite is good for the eyes and also for treating asthma as well as any other disease that involves the respiratory tract, allergies, or rashes that are caused by modern chemicals or even pollution. It can also assist the body in overcoming the flu or anemia and protect against mental degeneration.

I will admit the first couple of days I wore Moldavite I was very dizzy and suffered from a terrible migraine, but as the days passed by I felt better. It’s actually normal to get dizzy, suffer from headaches, and maybe feel a bit weak the first couple of times you wear it, but later on you will regain strength and get used to its powerful energy.

In some cases the heart chakra is activated and one can experience a sensation of heat, a pounding pulse, sweating or flushing, and an emotional release that can make you either laugh or cry. Moldavite may take some time getting used to, but I love its ability to accelerate one’s spiritual and personal evolution.

Also, I think it’s a powerful stone for transformation and can help its wearer to make contact with their spirit guides. It also resonates with the Heart, Crown, and Third Eye chakra, and is a powerful chakra opener and activator.



5 thoughts on “Crystal of the Week: Moldavite

      1. Yes, I’ve also heard that but I haven’t tried it yet. I was once told that if you want to know the quality of a moldavite you can put it in the sun and if you can see right through it, then it’s high quality.


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