Let’s face it, every yogi has to begin somewhere, they weren’t born extremely flexible and with enough strength to do those awesome headstands.

1. When you try really hard to stay in a position, but your body cannot handle it yet.


The first couple of weeks are extremely hard, especially when you’re trying to do a perfect Downward-Facing Dog or Standing Bow Pulling Pose. It’s normal to sweat and shake, you’re just beginning your journey!


2. Seeing yogis on Instagram is like:


Don’t freak out, you’re going to do those poses soon. Just keep your chin up and roll out that yoga mat!


3. Or even seeing your classmates look like supermodels/badass yogis during a class


Remember that they have been taking classes longer than you, you shouldn’t feel bad at all! In fact, you can actually ask them for tips and tricks and they can help you.


4. When you’re trying to clear your mind but you can’t


“Pizza sounds good right about now” “I forgot I have to buy a birthday gift” “When do I need to do my checkup?” “What color should I paint my room?” “Is my phone on silent?”


5.  When you do yoga in your house and your pet wants to join in


My dog has a tendency of licking my face, lying on the yoga mat, and also jumping around whenever I do yoga. The best way to deal with the situation is by letting them be part of the experience and try to do dog or cat yoga!


6. When you want your friend to do yoga with you


Yoga is more fun when you’re doing it with friends because you can whine about the positions hurting your calves without any judgement.


7. “Namaste”


Remember that Namaste is a Sanskrit greeting which roughly translates as “I bow to the God within you”, or “The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you”. It’s not just a way to start or end a class, it’s a beautiful and sacred greeting.


8. When people ask “how can you be so calm right now?”


Yoga is great for calming the mind and exercising the body. When you meditate and do yoga nothing will faze you, not even finals season.


9. When you look at other people to see if what you’re going is right


It’s totally normal to do it, but be careful, you might loose your balance if you’re focusing on other things.


10. When you roll out your yoga mat after days/weeks/months of not using it


You might have been sick, with a bunch of work, or you needed a break from yoga. There’s nothing better than rolling out that mat and do a Sun Salutation after weeks of not using it.