Agate, also known as “Earth Rainbow”, comes in every color the earth can create, including  colorless. It’s a low frequency stone but is often used for stabilizing and strengthening.

This stone can stop the burning desire of things we don’t really need in our life like negative thoughts and it helps its user to juggle multiple jobs and commitments. It can promote inner stability and maturity and encourages security as well as self-confidence.

Writers often use this stone to express ideas in a marketable form and mothers use it to promote lactation and to fight the baby blues. It also stabilizes the aura and eliminates and transforms negative energy into positive.

On a mental and emotional level, Agate improves concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. This stone also encourages pragmatic thinking, which deals with problems that exist in a specific situation in a logical way instead of depending on theories and ideas.

Agate also soothes those who want peace and harmony and stimulate action and important decision making. It’s great for promoting self-analysis and finding hidden circumstances with our well-being as well as promote self-acceptance and confidence to speak one’s own truth.

It can help overcome negative and bitterness as well as heal anger, it can foster love and give its user to start over, especially for those who have suffered any kind of trauma.

On a physical level, Agate can be used for a lot of things. It stimulates the digestive system and help any hollow organs like the uterus, the stomach, the intestines, etc. This stone can also be used to relieve gastritis, cure fever, and reduce the symptoms of epilepsy and sleepwalking. It can also strengthen the cardiac muscles or any emotional disharmony and heal skin disorders as well as itching caused by insect bite.

Do I recommend Agate? Of course, but remember that it has low frequency. It is great for meditation because it makes you more relaxed and calm than usual and can help a lot of artists and writers to create.