“How long am I going to be in this cast? Please tell me it won’t be like last time.” I asked the doctor.

The light illuminated the fracture in my fifth metatarsal on the X-Ray, the same bone I fractured only months ago.

Oh no.

I had just started doing yoga again, slowly putting weight on the foot that had been stuck in a cast only a couple of weeks ago and I had to get another one?

“A month, you fractured the same bone again. You should start taking calcium pills.” He said.

Such a small bone, broken because I lost my balance.

I had recently regained enough strength to walk without a cane and had started doing yoga. I was starting to feel confident and walked barefoot on the cold tiles of the house without limping.

Then I remembered what the doctor said when the first cast was taken off.

You’re going to have to wait another month to start working out, you can’t strain the foot at all.”


I could feel the tears forming. After dealing with hot summer days, bedridden in a cast I had to deal with that all over again?

No, this second cast wasn’t going to stop me. I had to work my way around the cast, think outside the box.

As they wrapped my right foot in green fiberglass, I thought of the positions I could do with it, how I could use pillows and chairs to make things easier.

Healing might not happen on a schedule, injuries and fractures might not get better in the estimate the doctor gives, but you can’t put your entire life on hold because you’re injured.

We might have expectations on how we have to live our lives, how we’re supposed to do yoga, or even the places we can and cannot go with an injury, but the more you let go of those expectations, the easier things will be as the injury heals.

So I’ll be doing yoga with a bunch of pillows and a chair I might even follow sequences like this one or this one.

I’ll take things slow, listen to my body and appreciate the things it can do in this green cast that will be filled with Reiki symbols very soon.