It’s my birthday and Facebook is already bombarding me with notifications. I had the urge to write these life lessons because I love sharing the little tidbits I have learned over the years, so here are 23 life lessons (one for each year I have lived) that I have learned from my experiences and from others.

  1. Just because you are surrounded by cruelty or negative energy it does not give you the right to treat others with cruelty.
  2. Creativity is the essence of life.
  3. You have to take care of your body and rest, running on fumes is not good for your health even if you’re young.
  4. Your body is beautiful, it is a sacred vessel, ignore what people say.
  5. Compassion. Compassion. Compassion.
  6. Drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits, just because the chips and cakes look good does not mean you’ll feel good later on.
  7. Crying does not make you a weak person.
  8. Pay attention to your gut, there is a reason as to why you don’t feel good in a specific situation or around specific people.
  9.  It’s okay to say no to certain things, especially when you’re feeling alright.
  10. There is a difference between helping a person and letting the person use you as a handkerchief.
  11. If you cannot do it by yourself, reach out your hand and ask for help, it does not make you weak.
  12. You are not a bother to anyone.
  13. Friends are the ones that stick with you through thick and thin; comrades are the ones that stay for a while until something happens.
  14. Say yes to new experiences and challenges.
  15. Don’t take people’s cruel comments seriously; the comments say more about the person who’s saying it rather than the person who they’re saying it to.
  16. Creating gossip will only create drama, blaming the gossip on others will only cause more problems.
  17. It’s okay if you don’t know what you want as long as you keep moving forward.
  18. There is a difference between a job, a hobby, your vocation, and a career.
  19. If two people are happy together, you have no right to comment on their relationship. You wouldn’t like anyone saying mean comments when you’re in a relationship, right?
  20. Always carry a book, a notebook, and a smartphone.
  21. Don’t overwhelm yourself with work, it’s not good for your physical or emotional health.
  22. You have to sleep, coffee will not replace the rest your body needs.
  23. Don’t be afraid to show people what you’re passionate about.