Smoky Quartz, also known as the “Stone of Power” is often used to block geopathic stress and absorb electromagnetic smog that is given off by electronics. It can help assist in elimination and detox on all levels and promotes positive energy and protects the home, vehicle, and possessions against theft, damage and accidents as well as road rage.

Smoky quartz can also be used in group situations to alleviate communication difficulties and can promote cooperation. It can shield against mechanical breakdowns and can be used at home or work to filter out any bad moods, unspoken resentments or remarks that drain one’s strength and enthusiasm. Smoky Quartz can shield against hostility or gossip in the workplace or a bully boss or manager.

Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Purposes

On a physical level, Smoky Quartz protects the pulmonary tracts, regenerates the bronchi and benefits the reproductive system muscle and nerve tissues. It also helps with any pain in the abdomen, hips, muscle, heart and legs.

This stone can also be used to relieve chronic pains, muscle cramps, headaches, tensions of the shoulders and back as well as help the adrenal glands, pancreas, kidneys and other organs that can remove toxins as well as the negative effects of radiation (sunburns, exposure to radioactive materials, radiation, or chemotherapy).

It can also be used to increase libido and helps the reproductive system, nerve tissue, and nerve fluid regulation as well as help quit smoking.

On an emotional level, it enhances survival instinct and helps you reach your personal and business goals and manifest them. This stone also promotes rational and pragmatic thinking and can help improve your calculation and organization skills.

This crystal can relieve tension, fear and stress as well as anxiety and panic attacks.It’s used to ward off negative thinking, eliminates worry when we are faced with chaos or confusion and can absorb misfortune, sorry, or seemingly impossible obstacles.

On another level, smoky quartz increases focus and softens anger and agitation of withdrawals or detoxes. It can also promote concentration and help if you’re having nightmares, depression, fear or a lot of stress.

Spiritually, Smoky Quartz can be used in meditation for grounding and stability and can even bring the user into a deep meditation faster. It can be used to protect the Earth Chakra, which is located below our feet, as well as the Root and Crown Chakras and can be used as a cleaning stone.  This quartz teaches us how to leave behind everything that no longer serves you.

Disclaimer: Crystal of the Week are a spiritual support to healing and are not prescription or healthcare information.

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