Meet Godiva (also known as Godi), a cute and cuddly Shetland Sheepdog who has been with me since I was eleven years old. Godi is a spoiled dog who loves chicken, belly rubs, and to be carried around like a baby.

From a young age, Godi and I have been partners in crime, we have meditated together,  done yoga sessions together (mostly me doing all of the poses and her lying down on the mat), and sun bathe together among other things.

Meditation Buddies

She loves to lie down on yoga mats and she will do a bunch of cute faces just because she wants cuddle next to your leg when you’re in the bed. Most of the posts have been written with her either lying down next to me or under my chair, so she’s basically the editor of this website.

Godiva has been with me in good times and bad, she sits down close to me when I’m stressed, anxious, or crying and will bark or attack whoever tries to hurt me. She always greets me when I get back home, but lately she’s been having a lot of trouble getting up because the almost thirteen year old Sheltie  has arthritis.

I was distraught when I started noticing her slightly limping, having trouble standing up and giving me sad eyes, so I thought “maybe it’s time for me to try out animal reiki” because, guess what, you can heal animals with Reiki.

Reiki can be used on every living thing for healing, personal development, deep relaxation, and stress relief. It doesn’t matter if your pet is five days old or eighteen years old, Reiki can be used when they’re sick, have emotional imbalances, and can also be used in situations where one is unsure of the cause of the imbalance.

Of course, every animal is going to react differently to Reiki, so to be safe, if you know the animal is sick of in pain and needs Reiki, you can use distance healing techniques. The number one thing to do is to pay attention to how the animal reacts once you shift your positions or if they’re looking at you funny.

Animals can tell you they want Reiki by coming near you when you’re giving Reiki to yourself or someone else (which is what my pet does), so pay attention to the way your pet reacts when you’re doing Reiki.

The most well-known techniques aside from hovering your hands over the animal’s body is the distance technique which can be performed anywhere. Some practitioners like to beam Reiki from across the room in order to have a safe distance or to perform Reiki on animals that are in zoos, aquariums or the wild.

For larger animals like horses or large dogs, a few people can perform Reiki simultaneously. Once you channel Reiki to a sick animal, the practitioner will also be helping their owner or human companion at the same time.

When nothing else can be done for the animal (for example, in the case of old age) Reiki can also help the animal pass peacefully. I have to mention that Reiki does not change the natural order of events, but it can help the transition and be used to treat the animal owners with their loss and grief.

But what about Godi? At first she was a bit uncomfortable because she had no idea what was going on, but after a while she was pretty cool with it and even fell asleep during her first session. I’ve done at least four sessions since then and she has been so calm and happy, even when there are fireworks going off in the neighborhood, which are her mortal enemy. So I highly recommend doing Reiki on your pets, especially those who are of old age or have any behavioral issues.