When you have an imbalance in your body of life, how do you normally handle it? Most of us seek an external solution, but in reality it’s important to consider the progression these imbalances takes in our lives.

It always begins with a spark, an idea, then a plan creates in your head and action is taken and then there is a result to our actions. We tend to approach problems at a productive level rather than the thought that started the issue, the root of the problem.

Our bodies are constantly reproducing, so why is it that a body part regenerates itself in a flawed condition? The cells create a product that is a reflection of an idea, so it’s best to focus on fixing and balancing the blueprint of the area.

I know it’s hard to go inwards, to try and find the root of an issue in a world where conventional medicine gives the patient a pill to solve everything, including those who suffer from mental illness. But, in my opinion, it’s so important to learn the connection between our physical and emotional planes. Our thoughts, the way we look at ourselves, the anger and sadness that we are trying to hide is slowly going to show in our physical body no matter what. It can be shown in a headache, physical exhaustion, and even a random cold.

This next exercise is meant for Reiki practitioners, but further along in the post there is a simple exercise for everyone.

How to solve any problem with Reiki:

(1) Write Things Down

List three things that you would like to see change. Make sure you write all of the details down, including how the situation makes you feel.

(2) Reiki Session and the First Item

Take 10 minutes and perform a Reiki session on yourself with the intent that one item on your list is addressed.

(3) Addressing the Second and Third Item

After 10 minutes, move onto the second item on the list and perform Reiki on the third item on your list.

(4) Journal Your Experience

Make notes on any thoughts or feelings that came to mind during meditation. Sometimes messages will come while performing a session.

Different methods to solve any problem:

(1) Grab a Journal and Write

Journaling can help the writer know themselves better, reduces stress, solves problems more effectively, and can resolve any disagreements with others. Want to know more on Journaling? Check out this wonderful post by Psych Central!

(2) Tap, Tap, Tap

Tapping or EFT is a wonderful way to solve any conflicts, especially mental conflicts. To know more about EFT, check out our post about it!

(3) Getting a Reiki session…on YouTube!

There are YouTube channels that give free Reiki sessions, and since they last less than fifteen minutes, there’s no excuse to sit back, relax, and let Reiki heal you. There are also healing sounds on YouTube so you can also give it a try.

(4)  Changing the way you think

Positive thinking does work, and it has a bunch of benefits. It can increase life span, lower the rates of depression and the levels of distress, reduce the risk of death from a cardiovascular disease, provides a better psychological and physical well-being as well as coping skills during hardships and stressful times and provide a greater resistance to the common cold!

Although it takes time to change one’s mindset, there are thousands of way to do it (my favorite is using mantras during hardships).

Do you know another method to solve problems? Make sure to comment so we can have a chat!

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