Women crave connection. We are tired of the social norms of isolation, tearing each other apart on social media, and we seek a community that supports one another as well as a space to rediscover our authentic selves.

We are becoming stronger, we are speaking up and defending our rights as human beings and are taking charge of our fate. We crave for change in the world, but in order to do this, we have to cooperate, collaborate, and connect with one another.

This is why Circle exist, circle work is a more intentional expression of what women do naturally. It is a space where women gather and talk about things that are important and meaningful for them, it is a safe space for them to be listened, encouraged, challenged, and supported by one another.

Women have been gathering in circle for thousands of years and nowadays it is reemerging with the rise of feminine power.It is a space for women to tell their stories, talk about their roles, their gifts, their concerns, their visions- and by doing so, we connect to our own strength as well as one another.

What Is Circle and Why Is It So Important?

Circle is a place where women get together to be seen, heard, and loved. They sit in a physical circle and go around so that each woman has an opportunity to be heard.

It is often lead in a physical space or virtually and it’s a ceremony were women have an opportunity to witness their personal needs and fill one another’s cups with the medicine of women’s sacred community.

This is important because it gives women the time to relax and create a bond among other women. With all of the news, videos, and social media comments tearing one another apart, it is essential to create a space were women can heal the wounds they have done to another because of social and cultural beliefs.

Women have to stop tearing each other apart, we have to rise, support one another, defend one another, and that is exactly why Circle work is so important. We have to heal that Woman Wound that started that horrible behavior among one another so that it won’t be necessary.

Each Circle has its own set of boundaries and ceremonies, but it’s essential to mention that Circle work is confidential and it is a safe and sacred space. Most circles have an altar and artifacts created by the woman to make it more special and their own traditions.

Every Circle is a new experience, a chance to build a habit of heart and mind to create a pathway to live a healthier life. It’s an incredible opportunity to sit down among women who are there to lift you up and give the comfort you have been craving for and, in return, co-create healing time with your sisters in Circle, allowing each and every one to be part of this healing energy to promote a better world to live in.

Have you’ve ever been to a Women’s Circle?  How was your experience?