Rutilated Quartz, also known as Angel’s Hair, is a type of quartz with needle-like rutile in it; they can be reddish, golden, silver, or greenish.  It’s known to be a powerful protector against psychic attacks and helps soothe dark moods and acts as a natural antidepressant.

This stone can be used to break down the barriers to spiritual progress, and to help let go of the past and to forgive on all levels. It’s an energizing stone that helps get energy moving on all levels and can attract love and stabilize relationships.

Rutilated Quartz can help slowed chakras return to normal spin and balanced. It’s often used for meditation, spiritual communications, and dream work. It’s good for seeking higher spiritual experiences and meditation on feminine ideas.

Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Purposes

On a physical level, this stone can be used to heal mercury poisoning in the nerves, muscles, blood, and intestinal tract. It promotes a healthy immune system, intestinal tract, thyroid, and cell regeneration and encourages an upright posture.

Rutilated Quartz fights off chronic conditions, energy depletion, respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, parasites. It also helps with torn tissues, cell regeneration, the elasticity of the blood vessels, as well as  anorgasmia, impotence, infertility, premature ejaculation, and lactation.

Emotionally, Rutilated Quartz relieves fears, phobias, and anxiety and helps release constrictions and counters self-hatred. It creates a very powerful vibrational healing because it intensifies energy flow within the quartz and integrates it within the body. It helps to reach the root of problems and facilitates transitions and change of direction.

On a spiritual level, it works a lot with past-life healing because it draws off disease, promotes insight into the events in past lives affecting the present and connects to the soul lessons and the plan for the present life.

Rutilated Quartz opens the aura, letting healing in and filters the negative energy from a patient. It supports emotional relief and helps a lot with the confrontation with the darker aspect of the psyche.

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Disclaimer: Crystal of the Week are a spiritual support to healing and are not prescription or healthcare information.