Whether it’s a physical or emotional wound or illness, Reiki is an amazing tool that one can use to heal virtually anything one can think of. But what about those who are expecting a child? Is it safe for pregnant women to get Reiki?

The answer is yes, Reiki can even help prepare for the conception of a baby because it can reduce stress and stimulate the reproductive cycle of the couple. Of course, if the expectant mother is concerned about their health or of the baby’s, please make sure to consult your doctors before getting a session.

Reiki doesn’t cause any harm to the mother or her unborn baby, so it’s super safe to use during all stages of pregnancy as well as child birth. The mother’s body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy and one of the most common effect is feeling emotionally or physically weak. Getting a Reiki session during pregnancy can balance her energies and cleanses body and spirit, helping her to relax and react quickly to all of the changes that are going on in her life.

Reiki can ease physical discomforts, helps in relaxing the gastrointestinal walls, reduces morning sickness, and can also heals any hip, back, or ligament pain that is often experienced by expecting mothers. It also reduces fatigue, anxiety, and sleep problems.

On an emotional level, a Reiki session that’s done during a pregnancy can help mothers stay grounded emotionally and instills serenity and peace and can calm her fears that are related to her pregnancy and delivery.

Reiki can also help make the process of delivery easier because it helps reduce pain that’s associated with the pelvis and back area to a great extent. It also aids with the anxiety of the mother during labor and creates a peaceful atmosphere for the baby. I’ve also heard that pregnant women who practice pregnancy are less likely to have a cesarean even if they have gone through one in earlier pregnancies.

Using Reiki in the postpartum recovery can help reduce fatigue, facilitates a connection between the mom and the baby and reduces the chances of postpartum depression. It can also accelerate the healing process after the delivery and promote milk production and help her adjust to the new environment and take care of the baby easily.

It can also help the baby stay healthy and happy, Reiki helps build a strong spiritual relationship between mother and baby. It helps unborn babies stay calm and relaxed and can help make the baby be more easygoing when they’re born, making their mothers take care of their babies in a more easy and simple manner. Reiki also stimulates the development of the child, improve their sleeping habits, balances babies who are colic, and help babies to absorb their formula easily.